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JOLENE'S New/Old Kay Truetone Archtop

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:49 pm
by jawbone60
We went to a fairly new shop that deals in part with vintage guitars. First one Jo pulled off the wall was this Trutone. She was almost instantly in love, I could tell. i plugged it into an old Fender amp and put some vibrato on it and she was hooked for good.
In talking with the gal who runs the shop we learned that her husband does the instrument side and that if we came back in a couple hours there would be a jam and then we could do business. Which we did. It was somewhat coutry and bluegrassy at times which I have no argument with but we're more roots and blues. We did all get along well!
Jo had her first guitar, a Fender Concord from the 70's, along with case and sound hole pickup, plus we threw in a Danelectro Dirty Thirty amp to sweeten the deal. We still paid a few samoleons but over all it was a pretty affordable deal for us, and the dealer seemed satisfied as well.

This guitar has a single humbucker with no volume or tone pots on the guitar. Trapeze tailpiece, floating bridge. Neck straight and not much wear. Tuners in decent shape. It has f holes which she likes a lot. Looks to be all original.

And here's the thing- if you aren't using or plan to use something any more, why keep it? The Concord was a great guitar to learn on but Jo had really moved on to a few guitars more suited to her style and needs. the Epi Swingster is her electric go-to, the Regal parlor is her slide box, and now she has a guitar she likes playing which sounds good total acoustic and will plug in as well. This makes it a good busking guitar and it fits on stage or in studio as well.

Recently I sold off my '59 Bassman so we could get a small fishing boat. Since I was not making any money with that amp it seemed to make sense to let it go and get something we could enjoy for at least half of every year.
By that same token when Jo said it was time to let the Concord go, I agreed totally.

We try and keep our gear down to fighting trim and not keep much extra stuff around. In a few years after I retire, we plan to liquidate here and buy a nice trailer or rv and travel. No home address, so we want the bare minimum in gear to lug along. Jo tells me that 3 guitars is her limit. I guess we'll see!

Re: JOLENE'S New/Old Kay Truetone Archtop

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:00 pm
by jeffl
very cool story jbone. I've thought about trading off some of my gear that I haven't been using the last few years, but I'm scared to, 'cuz ya' never know..... I haven't been using my hi-wattage stuff, but I haven't gigged in dance clubs much for the last 5 yrs. and I keep thinkin' mebbe I'll get back to it someday. For now, I've been gettin' by with my "light load to haul" gear for my weekly jam.

Re: JOLENE'S New/Old Kay Truetone Archtop

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:40 pm
by jawbone60
well we live in a 600 sq ft little cottage here. every extraneous item is very obvious. we have a shed but it's not tight enough to put anything fragile in. in fact just recently i began squirrel-proofing!

i have 2 wall mounts for guitars up and could put one more up but Jo says she's always got 1 guitar in our back office to work with so no need.

once a few years ago we were invited to host a jam and spend the weekend playing in Clarksdale so i loaded EVERYthing. small p.a., mics, stands, cables, 2 or 3 guitars, harps, and FIVE amps. which we did use it all over that weekend, but it seriously taxed the trunk and back seat of a '88 Accord. these days we've moved up to a Trailblazer and also eliminated some gear, so travel is much more comfortable. I envision a pull behind trailer big enough to haul music gear, fishing gear, and a small boat on the back maybe. THEN look out, we may be in YOUR neighborhood looking to jam!!

Re: JOLENE'S New/Old Kay Truetone Archtop

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:22 pm
by jawbone60
After some experimentation Jo has decided to try the next size down strings on the Kay. Possibly in the Epi Emperor Swingster as well. From 13's down to 12's. Her concern is that she be able to play 2 sets without killing her fingers. Initial report is they sound dam fine.
We got a tremolo switch pedal for her amp recently and that's the latest new attraction she's working with.
We're doing 2 sets Sat night at a local coffee house so we went over some familiar material last evening, but the focus is becoming getting stuff locked in for the next cd. Plan is to record just the 2 of us on 10 or 12 songs, then hand off cd's of that to rhythm guys and guest artists. Then get in the studio and have a party.

The Kay is a definite plus addition to Jo's arsenal.