Have Republic want National?

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Re: Have Republic want National?

Postby goldbrick » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:45 pm

My cheap ass jay turser sounds good with heavy acoustic strings on top and lighter electric strings on g,b and e- the G is wound but off a lighter electric set
It is a wooden body guitar and i tune down 1/2 a step

I just do a bit more palm muting if it starts sounding too trashy-I like some trash ( just like my women) --Thats the Reso sound
I think most folks have heard over processed recordings and that colore their judgement
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Re: Have Republic want National?

Postby ricbleu » Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:32 am

Michael, I think I probably overstated things myself. I also have a wood body biscuit which I keep tuned to standard it case I want to play in a venue where there is a lot of background sound. And my steel body is reserved for open E and bottleneck slide. I play all of my instruments finger style. Now, I think you are correct in saying that you have to approach them differently, cos in a strum, the long sustain doesn't leave the chord as clean, especially with the steel body.The wood body absorbs the resonance to a greater extent and so the sound decays more swiftly than a metal body. And because I play fingerstyle with lots of open notes, I have to be careful not to rush my attack so that each note means something. I contrast this to an electric "shredder" where you can't really isolate the notes. But in this posting, I am badly guilty of overstatement (a jumbled mess of words). Well I'll take that back if I may, and offer humble apologies. :D Peace

ps fwiw, when I was learning to play lead guitar in the late 1960s, I would listen and listen and listen to a solo until I could practically hum it (to this day, I could hum the solo from Sunshine of your Love, Little Girl, Better Man than I, etc) and if you can hear the notes in your head, you can locate them on your fretboard after much practice.
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