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Postby goldbrick » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:33 pm

We play a lot on the street these days-art festivals,food events ets and just straight up busking.
Students and foreigners love our straight up blues,old people and kids love the hokum tunes and the dancers like the swing. Lots of folks these days also just don;t dig live music ( at least here in south Florida) they would rather talk on the phone . We don't do classic rock or use any backing tracks so it is what it is-we play what we like otherwise it would be just another crappy job-and i love playing to much to let that happen
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Re: The Secret...

Postby Jakeblues » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:39 pm

There ave been a lot of great points made, this, for me, anyway sums a lot up:

gatorblue wrote:I think it gets back to not just playing for yourself, but playing for the audience too. Many blues musicians forget that. You can be as pure as you like, but deal with the crowd you can draw accordingly.

Really connecting with the audience seems to involve "reading the audience". If they're diggin' long solos, take long solos. If it's big changes in dynamics, go for it. Go with what works. If it's not working, try something else. If they're talking on their phones, turn it up to 11 :D
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Re: The Secret...

Postby jeffl » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:10 pm

I agree with ya' about reading the crowd Jake, but that ain't always the easiest to do. they can change with the alcohol, imo. I think some nites they want background music, and other nites they wanna listen or dance. Mainly, the owner wants 'em to drink, so I think that's the basic command: get 'em partyin', even if it's a laid back nite.
In general, long tunes don't lend themselves to swappin' out the dance floor, but that's all guesswork.
I still think grinnin' & smilin' is an under-rated tool for connecting with the crowd. (It's hard to do if yer playin' harp,too. :) )
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