Wanna Hear my '71 Harmony Stella??

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Wanna Hear my '71 Harmony Stella??

Postby JakeFirebirdV » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:31 pm

I got this piece of junk in Nashville back in 1991 in a pawn shop a few doors away from Gruhn Guitars on Broadway. They wanted $50 for it. I offered them $35 and they said 'Sold"!

I didn't buy it to be cool by having a junk instrument - I bought it because I wasn't gonna use my high end stuff at open mics and jams where often stuff goes missing. A few days after she got to the house, I found time to do a complete setup on her. Just happened to pick up a brass slide before I tore her apart and decided 'Heck NO!!!' ... she's gonna stay warped and everything else and become my main open G tuning acoustic slide guitar.

You can hear her in action on my up & coming new site http://PoppaJake.com

This is one of my own compositions where the D'Armond pickup is used going direct to my board ... no mics. The only processing being used is a generous supply of compression to give the strings a 'rubbery' electric sound.
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