just for fun - dream line up...

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just for fun - dream line up...

Postby A J Davies » Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:43 am

Out of interest and for a wee bit of fun I thought I'd ask what everybody's dream line-up would be to jam with or put a show together.
Obviously you'd have the guitar, as this is the guitar forum of the site! But what other instruments would complete your ultimate no-limits sound? Heck, if you reckon your blues would sound awesome augmented with the ethereal wail of an ondes martenot then great, and what else would ya have?

Me I'd have myself obviously on slide, a good solid rhythm guitarist (maybe switching out from 6 string to 12 string depending on the song) gotta have a fiddle, man, and either an accordion or harmonica depending on which song, tenor banjo or mandolin (depending on the song again) or perhaps even one of those guit-jo dealies that the guy from Old Crow Medicine Show plays, a big fat double bass or maybe a tea chest bass, couple of horns couldn't hurt but not on every song of course. And a touch of a nice blues lead, and some drums couldn't hurt on the right songs of course. On the side some accents of washboard, rhythm stick (just a length of wood with beer bottle caps nailed in that you shake and bang around for those who hadn't heard of it) and the odd spoon or two...

So I'd probably ideally have four or five guys switching in and out from all of the above (different instruments for different songs, as I kind of "subtly mentioned" once or twice there!) and tbh pretty much anything else that sounds good could be looked at being added in - maybe a ukelele could add a nice ambience in places.

This would be for a live show, really, and I think it'd be a decent night out for all involved!
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Re: just for fun - dream line up...

Postby s1120 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:59 pm

Well, I would stand back, and play rythm guitar, and some vocals, Mitch Mitchel on drums, Chris Whitley as a front guy.. and Bass....Ill go with John Paul Jones.
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Re: just for fun - dream line up...

Postby jeffl » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:07 pm

I'd want Keith Richards around, and Sam Lay on drums. To make it simple, I'd get the The Rolling Stones' "Masters of Brass" horn section, and for eye candy and good chops on piano, I'd take Rod Piazza's wife, Honey, on the 88s. For bass, I don't think it matters too much (sorry bassists), 'cuz blues bass ain't funk, but I've always liked Rollo Radford from Siegal-Schwall. If you had to have an organ, I'd take Stevie Wonder, 'cuz he's a freakin' genius. I'd have ta play harp, but otherwise I'd take Jerry Portnoy or Kim Wilson. For lead sax, I'd take my childhood friend, Pat Dieter; he's always been a step ahead of everybody else and introduced me to John Coltrane's stuff when we were in 8th grade.
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Re: just for fun - dream line up...

Postby Garrett » Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:09 pm

I would love to sit in with these Gents!

J.J. Cale, Levon Helm and Leon Russell

Not exactly a Blues line up but it will work for me!
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