The Mike Auldrige Beard Square Neck

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The Mike Auldrige Beard Square Neck

Postby OldWailer » Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:50 pm

OMG! Stay clear of this one whatever you do--it bites like an asp! I walked into Dusty Strings, looking to play a Weissy yesterday--they didn't have any--so I checked out the square necks hanging on the wall. They only had 3 of them--all Beards. Well, I had no time to mess around and no bar--I usually just borrow one from a lady who works there, but the store was full and she was busy--but I was curious--so I just went over and ran the back of my index nail across the strings of them, one at a time, just to get a little idea of the sound. The other Beards were great--but then I came to this Mike Auldridge one--it bit me deep in my GASSY little heart--it's 3700 dollars and I want it bad! It was the best reso sound I have heard in my life. That chord is still ringing in my soul! One little innocent strum and I'm damaged goods!

If you wanna see one check them out here:

But you'd probably be better off not knowing about this one. . .
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