Best book for open E beginners?

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Best book for open E beginners?

Postby lightharpo » Thu Sep 08, 2011 10:39 pm

I have been playing with a slide in the Open E tuning for a while now. I figured I would buy a book to learn more on the technique. Anyone have any success with any particular book?

Here are the ones I had in mind: ... roduct_top ... 0825601622 ... roduct_top
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Re: Best book for open E beginners?

Postby twangmeister » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:11 pm

Hi Lightharpo

I've got the first two books you have asked about but not the Fretboard Roadmaps.

Woody Mann's Bottleneck Blues is just a collection of tabs to traditional bottleneck country blues songs by various artists. It's an interesting collection with songs in Open G and well as Open D (same as Open E), but there is no CD of the tunes included, so you will have to source the songs yourself if you don't know how they sound. There are a few pages of instruction, but it's mainly a repertoire book.

Arlen Roth's Tradional Slide guitar was the first book on Slide guitar I bought way back in the 70's and I think it was probably the only instructional material on this style available back then. Despite its age I think the book still holds up quite well against all the other competators now available. Its mainly a technique book, although there are some songs transcribed in it. There are sections on open E and open G and some of the techniques in it I've not seen in any other publication. Arlen teaches country styles as well as blues styles and he covers some very cool dobro style licks where he tilts the slide. The whole book has loads of photos in it both illustrating the techniques as well as some of the great slide players and this gives the whole package some "mojo". The main draw back is again the audio. Although there is a cd included (floppy record when I bought mine) I believe this probably still only has a few of the exercises in the book on it and none of the songs. In spite of this I would recommend this for the fairly modest price it's available for.

I don't know much about this particular roadmap book, but assuming it's the same as the other in the series I would assume that it's a technique boook rather than giving you any songs to learn. But at the end of the day it is quite cheap.

Hope this helps
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