acoustic guitar 1 man band session

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acoustic guitar 1 man band session

Postby watertore » Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:05 pm

I brought out one of my acoustic guitar and mic'd it along with my 1 man drums. Mic'ng the acoustic guitar in this set up is as hard as recording with the same mic for the vocals and harp. Seeing everything is a few inches from each other makes for a real recording challenge. There are all kinds of conflicting frequencies bleeding into all the mics. The guitar is a handmade take on a gibson L-00 that was made by a 3rd generation appalachian luthier out of 80+ year old woods. He sold it to me, brand new for $200. It has a sweet sound! All words and music spontaneously created and recorded. Walter

when your wife is mighty sick

million miles away

the shame of my ways

better myself today

remembering being homeless

money and a sad heart

some good times

here are a couple pictures of the guitar


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