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Postby reverbunit » Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:46 pm

Hello. I am new to this forum and love what I see. My name is Scott Lindsey. I was looking for a place to meet some fellow blues people and hopefully get some questions answered. Looks like I found the right place.

I play guitar and sing in a Dallas, TX blues band. The 1969s. ( )
I have been playing guitar for about 26 years. I am originally from Shreveport, LA but now live in Dallas. I own 26 guitars, a full studio and tons of other instruments.

My guitar style is based on the Delta Blues. Mainly open tunings. I love cheap guitars that sound good. I also prefer old F hole guitars with a steel or bottle slide. I main amp is a Fender Twin Reverb. I also love my Telecaster. I do a lot of guitar review videos.

I am also into choppers. Many of our songs are about riding.

I am also currently learning the harp.

nice to meet you cats.
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