Noob Seeking Amp/Pedal Advice

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Re: Noob Seeking Amp/Pedal Advice

Postby almcg2 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:19 am

There are things you can do to get better blues type tone. 1st, you can turn the master volume and channel volume up all the way and then control the volume from the guitar. With many amps, you can sometimes get better bluesy breakup at lower volume levels. You can also get an inexpensive attenuator to force the breakup at lower volume. You can also try some pedals at GC to see if one hits the mark on a similar amp. Try some of the tube driven pedals, you can even see if you can find a Tube Screamer (Ibanez). This gives mild distortion with a fairly warm sound. What would do is trade the amp on Craigslist for one that fits more what I want, and I would go for a smaller tube amp. I found a good price on a 1966 Fender Vibro Champ. Great tube tone at room volume. The plane Champ is cheaper and if you don't need the vibrato effect, then it would be extremely cost effective. I also traded another amp I had for a 1950 Gibson BR6F (all tube).... WOW, what a sound! 12 watts and perfect for small room practice. Warm rich sound, with great breakup at low volumes. The cool secret about all these smaller amps is that if you connect them to an larger external spear/cab, they can get very loud. Good luck...
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