Dylan blues tone

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Re: Dylan blues tone

Postby Lo-Fi » Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:50 pm

Bournio wrote:
Lo-Fi wrote:Wanna try a B3 into a little amp? Reckon you'll manage "the blues?" and not comment about it being summat learnt?

Your talking about volume which ain't the same thing as tone. Yeah, you need to be heard but that ain't gott nuttin' to do with whether your guitar is made of ash or alder or whether your amp has a tube or solid state rectifier or has full or scooped mids.

Again, no special gear required to play the blues. If you know how to work your guitar and amp you can get the wail of a newborn baby out of a Monkey Wards Airline guitar plugged into an Alamo amp or a Flying V running into a Marshall Plexi.
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Re: Dylan blues tone

Postby Rhambama » Mon Oct 12, 2009 2:04 am

So, having reflected on this thread this weekend, here is my theory:

-Having a sound technique is still key, as with all blues.
-Phrasing his huge, my own addition to this.
-High-Range equipment is not necessary, but GOOD ENOUGH equipment is.

--There IS a middle ground where technique meets equipment tone.

I do agree now. Technique goes a huge way in meeting equipment tone.

Excellent advice guys. Thanks!
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