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Great String Prices at C2C Music

PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2003 10:00 pm
by pappyj
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-02-03 AT 05:03 PM (EST)]Happy New Year Big Road Blues Members!

In celebration of our new association with Big Road Blues, Coast to Coast Music is now offering guitar strings at great prices. We have been able to secure pricing from our suppliers that will allow us to offer most major brands of guitar strings at substantial discounts. Currently we have available D’Addario, Elixir, Martin, John Pearse, Fender, Guild, Dean Markley, Adamas, and Austin City strings. The brands we will be adding soon are Gibson, Darco, Black Diamond, Everly, Danelectro, and Kyser. Our everyday prices are a bargain, but you can save even more buy purchasing in boxes of 12 sets. Our prices are lower yet for members of our Buyer’s Club. Here is the direct URL of the string page if you’d like to check out our pricing: ... pv=AFL3291

Buyer’s Club information can be found by clicking “Buyer’s Club” on the left navigation bar of the above page.

We hope that as a member of Big Road Blues you will support your sponsor and give us a try when it comes time to make your next string purchase.

John Watts
Harmonicas & Guitars