New Hering Harmonicas

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New Hering Harmonicas

Postby pappyj » Fri Jan 24, 2003 1:07 pm

Hi All,
Here are some new products from Hering.

Hering Electric Harmonicas.
There are two models, the Lightnin' Harp (diatonic)
and the Electrachrom 48 chromatic. The ways these
work is that they have a small microphone and a
miniature phone plug moulded into the comb. The
kit comes with a power supply/volume control with a
belt clip, a cable (runs from the power supply to the
harmonica) and a harmonica. Everything is packed in a
nice padded case. After you have the kit you can just
add other harmonica keys as you want. The diatonic
model seems to be based on the Hering Blues/Black
Blues model, the chromatic is based on the Velvet
Voice. They run on a 9 volt battery. You can see
pictures and get more info here:
Chromatic: ... pv=AFL3291

Diatonic: ... pv=AFL3291

Hering Chromatics
Not new, but new to us, we are now carrying the 5164
and 5264 4 octave models. They are the "standard"
models as opposed to the "deluxe" models we have
always carried. The 5264 is the same as the 5164
except it is antique gold in color instead of chrome,
so it makes a nice appearance. ... pv=AFL3291 ... pv=AFL3291

New Hering "1923 Vintage Harp" Diatonic
This model has a wooden comb that has been sealed (I
don't know with what yet - it appears to be lacquer)
and has thicker reedplates than normal for more
volume. It has good looking antique gold colored
cover plates. ... pv=AFL3291

All of the above models are new so we don't have much
stock, but we will be placing another order next week
so we should have anything that is ordered within
about 2 weeks. We do have a couple of the electric
sets in stock now.

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