Metal Body Resonator Sale

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Metal Body Resonator Sale

Postby pappyj » Fri Jan 31, 2003 10:38 pm

Hi Gang!

I just got my sale paper for February from my Johnson guitar supplier and they are having a great sale on many of the Johnson metal body resonators! We have been able to reduce the prices accordingly for February. Here are the Buyer's Club sale prices:

Johnson Tri-Cone $449.95
Johnson Single Cone $349.95
Single cone engraved $429.95
Single cone sandblasted $429.95
Resonator Mandolin $249.95

To see all of the details go to the URL below and click on "On Sale" near the top of the left navigation bar:

Note that the sale prices are for Buyer's Club members, it costs $25.00 to join for a year and you get the reduced pricing on everything on your order when you add the membership to your order. After joining you will get reduced pricing on everything we sell for a full year.

The sale prices are good only for orders placed during February.


PS - according to the distributor's flyer Duke Robillard is now endorsing Johnson Metal Body Resonators.
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RE: Metal Body Resonator Sale

Postby lone dawg » Sat Feb 01, 2003 4:06 am

Hi PappyJ,

Those are some amazing prices on the Johnsons! Up here in Canada a 998 single cone is over $800 Canadian. And you're selling the tri-cone for about $724.00 Canadian! They are about $1200 up here. Even with our low dollar those prices can't be beat!

Off to count my pennies....

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