BRB C.D. has arrived!

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RE: BRB C.D. has arrived!

Postby kwill » Sat Jan 24, 2004 6:41 pm

I sent a copy to Rustyslide yesterday.
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RE: BRB C.D. has arrived!

Postby the lips » Wed Feb 04, 2004 10:49 am

I got that a little while ago. It really is good. I never realised there was so much varied talent out there! I put a track by Badfinger on my compilation CD, I hope he doesn;t mind...
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RE: BRB C.D. has arrived!

Postby stumblin » Wed Feb 04, 2004 11:20 am

Hey Lips,
I started a "BRB comp discussions" thread some time ago in the "Blues News and Gossip" forum, but it looks like it died through lack of interest.
I can't yet bring myself to believe that nobody really wants to talk about it any more. Maybe there are still one or two folks out there who've not fully worked out what they wanted to say yet. In the meantime, why not have a look:
Perhaps the thread might spring back to life with some more interesting comment and advice/hints/pointers etc. ?
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