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Doug MacLeod W. C. Handy Award Vote

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 3:52 pm
by popawoody
Hi gang!

Just a quick not to remind everyone that TODAY (2/28) is the LAST DAY to vote for your favorite artists for the 2006 Blues Music Awards (aka WC Handy Awards). If you sign up as a member of the Blues Foundation and VOTE, the nice folks at will send you a spiffy new DubbHeads t-shirt for FREE!!! The catch? None at all.

DubbHeads is the "not-so-official" web site for fans of acoustic blues great Doug MacLeod. You can find us a Stop by and check out Doug's music. Then go over to, join up and VOTE! Joing the Blues Foundation will cost you 25 bucks but it's worth it. And we'll give you a free t-shirt if you vote so it's a steal, really.

We'd love to have you vote for Doug, of course. He's been nominated as Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year. His song Dubb's Talkin' Politician Blues has been nominated for Song of the Year. Doug is a FANTASTIC Blues entertainer and we're pretty sure you'll vote for him. But we want you to vote your heart. Send us your Blues Foundation membership ID and we'll send you a t-shirt for your trouble.