UK 2007 - Prices

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UK 2007 - Prices

Postby badfinger » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:46 pm

UK 2007 - Prices

Unfortunately, in my cut-and-paste juggling I pasted the wrong prices into the earlier notice.

I apologise for this slip, but although the costs are pretty well the same as last year, they certainly haven’t gone down.
The figures I should have been as follows.

Cost per Participant (including room for two nights*) = £125.00

Cost per Participant & spouse, partner or roadie (including room for two nights*) = £125.00
(Yes - wives, etc still can stay for free!)

Two BRB participants sharing a room* = £85.00 each

Event Only (no hotel room) = £45.00

*(Meals, etc: “pay-as-you-go”)


As soon as possible:

- Let us know if you intend coming.
- Tell us what kind of instrument and music you play (guitar - acoustic, electric, slide, harmonica, tambourine...)
- Are you interested in taking part in a “teach-in/workshop”...? Leading a workshop or session...? Of what?

Definite booking date with a deposit of £45.00 per participant.

Full payment of the balance due:
- Solo or spouse-accompanied participants: £80.00
- Participants sharing a room: £40.00

Actual bookings and money should be sent to Diamond – e-mail him for a postal address.

The board is the open forum for discussion, but you can also e-mail Badfinger or Diamond with any questions, etc, about the event and the accommodation.

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