Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do

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Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do

Postby blueswriter » Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:25 pm

Janiva Magness
What Love Will Do
Alligator (2008) ALCD 4924


13 tracks, 48 minutes. Highly recommended. It should be fairly obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that the star of Janiva Magness is on the rise. After a handful of self-released efforts and guest spots on other artist's recordings, she signed to Canada's Northern Blues label for a pair of discs, both well-received. Magness recently landed with Chicago's Alligator imprint and What Love Will Do is the stunning result. First of all, it sounds nothing like anything else on the label to date. Alligator doesn't necessarily have a less than shining reputation with blues listeners, but a number of titles in the catalog are over-polished to a fault. What Love Will Do isn't as much a blues recording as it's the fully-realized work of a woman who speaks from experience about what she sings. And it hasn't been polished to a glossy shine. It's genuine and rootsy with a rough and ragged side that's instantly appealing. Janiva's story is one of heartache, sadness and a life-long struggle to win at a card game that dealt her a losing hand. She's got a royal flush this time. It's been a pleasure following her career, listening to her mature as an artist and witnessing the strength and power she possesses. Those attributes are in clear and crisp focus here in a recording that's equal parts soul, R&B and blues. Although the disappointments of life stand out on Bitter Pill, Fool Me Again, One Heartache Too Late and I Won't Be Around, hope's ability to open doors are just as visible in I'm Glad Your Mine, That's What Love Will Make You Do and the brilliant closer, Sometimes You Got To Gamble. The backing consists of a handful of well-known names in blues circles; Jeff Turmes, Zack Zunis, Junior Watson, Benny Yee and Steven (Taylor) Hodges among others. But don't think of this as an 'all-star cast' recording like many of late. This is Janiva Magness at her standout best - she just happens to have a stellar supporting band. She also has an unfailing ability to get to the meaning of a song and transfer it, in its purest form, to her listeners. It's a joy to see someone with this much talent and conviction making bigger waves with each and every new project. Top-shelf from beginning to end!

Alligator Records - What Love Will Do

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Re: Janiva Magness - What Love Will Do

Postby ricochet » Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:57 am

That woman is a terrific singer!
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