Gerry Hundt - Since Way Back

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Gerry Hundt - Since Way Back

Postby blueswriter » Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:47 pm

Gerry Hundt
Since Way Back
Blue Bella (2007) BB 1009


13 tracks, 51 minutes. Highly recommended. It's no newsflash that a mandolin isn't exactly the first instrument blues aficionados rave about when discussing their favorite albums or CDs - guitar generally tops the list. On the surface one might think the small eight-string 'taterbug' has all but disappeared from blues. Its best-known players; Johnny Young, Yank Rachell and Carl Martin are gone, and other than a pair of recent entries from Billy Flynn and Rich Del Grosso, mandolin blues has pretty much been off the radar in recent years. That's where Gerry Hundt comes in. A mainstay of Nick Moss & The Flip Tops over that band's last three recording efforts, Hundt brings the eight-string box up front with Since Way Back, his maiden recording voyage as a leader. Although Young, Rachell and Martin are listed as influences, a major part of the success of this recording is the powerful level of originality from beginning to end. With eleven self-penned tracks and only two covers (Otis Spann's Burning Fire and Jimmy Rogers' You're The One), Hundt displays excellent songwriting and brilliant mandolin work throughout. Whether shuffling the Hard Road, slowly treading Bad Water or doing The Lakewood Bump, crunching electric mandolin rides over the top of the various grooves with Gerry showing formidable skills well beyond his few years with the instrument in hand. End Of The Day Blues and The Union Meetin' show a seemingly effortless acoustic approach, and as a vocalist, Hundt mines both the relaxed and intense sides of the blues. Rugged support comes from labelmates Nick Moss (bass), Josh Stimmel (guitar), Bill Lupkin (harmonica), Willie Oshawny (piano) and Bob Carter (drums) with old friend Barrelhouse Chuck getting in on the fun as well. The mandolin is thankfully back on the blues map with this recording where Gerry pays tribute to the masters while sounding completely like himself in the process. Catch him in action with Nick and the boys and you'll witness his superb guitar, harmonica and bass work as well... and if you want to see what he can do laying tile, contact Blue Bella Records for a guided tour of the restroom at the Rancho de Rhythm studio. There's no doubt Since Way Back is as good as it gets, folks!

Blue Bella Records

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