UK BRB 2008

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UK BRB 2008

Postby badfinger » Sat Dec 08, 2007 11:55 am

It's been two years since our last weekend get-together in the midlands, but Ian and I are planning BRB UK 2008.

What we have in mind is a one-day-and-an-evening affair, meeting up during the day on the Saturday for informal (or more formal if it happens) sessions and chats, with the usual "fest, jam and bash" on Saturday night.

All are welcome - newbie or expert. If you can wow us with what you do, great - we'll pick your brains! But if you can barely tell one end of a guitar from the other, or don't know when to blow or suck, this is certainly a place to be.

As previously, we will have the support of Wandering John and The Mothball Boys - guitar, bass and drums - on Saturday night for whomever wants support or wishes to have a go at "fronting a band".

Those who wish can, of course, stay over at the hotel on Saturday night... And Friday... or Sunday... (You can live there permanently, if you wish.)

The date: March 15th.

The venue: “The Mill On The Soar”, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire.

The cost per person will be based on the hire of the conference suite and the band, and will be defined once we have confirmed these, and know how many we will be.

(We estimate it to be around £350, divided by the number of people attending - so more is cheaper. Anyone staying at the hotel will, of course, incur extra personal costs: the tariff for a 'standard' double room is £42.95 per night. All food, etc, is extra on a pay-as-you go basis.)

If you want to join us, let me know by email as soon as possible, and certainly by 15 January, 2008.

Best regards,

Keith and Ian.

History - some years ago, the idea was mooted of a get-together of UK BRB people, at a convenient location, for a pint and a chat, As many who might be interested would have to travel some distance, it was decided to make a weekend of it, and hold our own mini blues fest at a suitable venue...
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