Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm - Early Times

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Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm - Early Times

Postby blueswriter » Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:23 am

IKE TURNER & His Kings Of Rhythm
Early Times
Rev-Ola (2006) Rev 173


29 tracks, 78 minutes - essential. If the name Izear Luster Turner, Jr. doesn't ring a loud bell as a signal to listeners of blues and R&B, it's simply because the easier-to-remember sobriquet of Ike Turner seemed more logical - not a poor decision. While most recognize him for his long association with one Tina Turner, years before that pairing, Ike was an important mainstay in the deep South as a session arranger, producer, A&R man, and frequent musician himself on now-classic recordings done in the early-to-mid-1950s for labels such as Sun, RPM, Flair, and Chess to name a few. This rollicking seventy-eight minute disc is loaded from top to bottom with searing examples of blues, R&B, and some brilliant forms of musical insanity. Whether it's Ike's taut, ringing Fender Stratocaster guitar on instrumentals like Cubano Jump, his immediately familiar piano pounding behind Dennis Binder's Nobody Wants Me, or Turner's own gravel-infused voice on the smoking Love Is Scarce, his talents of a half-century ago cannot be denied. For those yet to have the pleasure of hearing the Sly Fox, little more than an asterisk to most followers of vintage blues, you owe it to yourself to pick up this disc based on the inclusion of Hoo-Doo Say and Tired Of Beggin' but it's the insanely wild Sinner's Dream that'll have many hitting the repeat button on their CD players - and if that weren't enough Johnny Wright's The World Is Yours has Ike dazzling your cranial cavity with whammy-bar antics. Without question, an absolutely essential compilation of music many have no idea Ike Turner took part in. A note to interested parties; this disc does not appear in the Rev-Ola artist listing nor could it be located anywhere in their website.


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