Earl Hooker - An Introduction To...

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Earl Hooker - An Introduction To...

Postby blueswriter » Sun Jan 28, 2007 1:21 am

An Introduction To...
Fuel 2000 (2006) 061 554-2


14 tracks, 36 minutes - excellent. It's hard to sing anything other than praises when it comes to the work of Earl Hooker, but with a mere thirty-six minutes of playing time, the Fuel 2000 label should have thought this out perhaps a bit more considering the paucity of discs in print by this legendary guitarist. Outside of Harold Tidwell's vocal on Swear To Tell The Truth and the riotous Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule featuring Junior Wells, the remainder of the disc is comprised of stellar instrumental classics like Blue Guitar, Blues In D Natural, Rockin' Wild, These Cotton Pickin' Blues, and How Long Can This Go On, among others. Hooker was incredibly gifted with an immediately recognizable slide touch and fingers of blinding speed when playing without the bottleneck, who managed to convey a wide variety of American music within a blues framework as evidenced on the two-part Square Dance Rock with Magic Sam in tow, or Nothing But Good where Earl is joined by Reggie "Guitar" Boyd. The disc does what the title suggests and it's great, inexpensive introduction to the music of Earl Hooker but this is another artist truly deserving of box set to amply cover his abilities.

Fuel 2000

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