The B.B. King Treasures

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The B.B. King Treasures

Postby blueswriter » Wed Jan 03, 2007 11:51 pm

The B.B. KING Treasures
Bulfinch Press (2005)


Hardcover, 160 pages - highly recommended. At the age of eighty, B.B. King may have slowed down his pace but he has yet to retire from the stage when he still has fans who want to see him perform, but by tapering his schedule he's had more time for other projects including The B.B. King Treasures, a wonderful book that finds Riley King collaborating with Dick Waterman. Don't mistake this for another biography or autobiography though, this is more than a little different than standard fare for a book devoted to a blues artist, but then again, B.B. isn't exactly standard fare himself. Released for King's eightieth birthday, the book's subtitle is Photos, Mementos & Music From B.B. King's Collection and it's exactly that where B.B. discusses his life from birth to the present with stops everywhere in between. Along with his recollections and stories, the book includes a number of pull-out reproduction souvenirs including a concert booklet, backstage pass, tour itinerary, a handbill and postcard, and a booklet from WDIA in Memphis where King got his start as a radio disc jockey. In addition to the book and all its smart trinkets there's a 60 minute CD with interview segments that have Riley talking about influences, guitar styles, his days hawking Pep-ti-kon and numerous other memories and there are two previously unreleased tracks tossed in for further interest - Little Mama from 1962 and May I Have A Talk With You from 1971. A truly rewarding effort that will make a great coffee table book and conversation starter, as well as an item that holds the interest of readers as they wade through the pictures and stories of a true blues icon. Exceptional!

The B.B. King Treasures

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