Jonny Lang- "Turn Around"

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Jonny Lang- "Turn Around"

Postby bosco » Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:11 pm

"Turn Around"
Jonny Lang
A&M Records

from the official press release-

Lang's own songs have been described as "more like Stevie Wonder than Stevie Ray Vaughn."

Wonder why? With a Motown beat, church-like organ and a full choir behind him, he is obviously worshipping at the altar of LSW, not SRV. His vocal phrasing is a direct rip off/tribute to Wonder on every song and he has the full endorsement of the real Stevie.

So much for the great white hope of the blues. A career that held such promise ten years ago with 1996s "Lie To Me," is in complete stall mode with this latest issue of mediocrity. Where is the blistering guitar attack? Where are the vocals that surely had to be the result of reincarnation? Left behind in another lifetime evidently.

from "Change The World"

Sure would be nice to go triple platinum
but there's no guarantee,
If I can reach just one set of ears
I know I'll fulfill my purpose here

Hate to break it to you Jonny, but your best shot at triple platinum was with the edgy blues that captured a generation and that gave American music's oldest genre hope. With this collection of homogenized souless slush, you may not reach too many more sets of ears than one. Maybe that fulfills your purpose. I'll bet that A&M had a different purpose in mind.

If you are looking for some well produced Christian music or long to harken back to the salad days of Stevie Wonder (sans the virtuoso chromatic harmonica) then by all means buy this CD. If you are looking for gritty blues and the Jonny Lang of yesteryear, he is Lang gone...just like your blues heroes of the dusty past. Better off sticking to that tried-and-true blues CD collection my friend.

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Postby hashtaff » Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:40 am

You shouldn't be so restrained, Iceman. Tell us what you really think!!! 8)
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I know this is old news but man couldn't agree more

Postby roosterblues » Fri Sep 21, 2007 7:32 pm

Johnny has found Jesus but lost his soul .. actually saw him live shortly after the release of this album .. songs are over produced pop. No blistering raw and dirty solos to be found here. A major disapointment in my book. Mybe he will "Turnaround" and go back to the stuff that got him here as potentuially one fo the greats.
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