BRB CD Vol. 2.0 Non-Review

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BRB CD Vol. 2.0 Non-Review

Postby doc williamson » Fri Nov 12, 2004 10:29 pm

The thread was getting a little long under another subject so I thought I would post this.

I have been enjoying the BRB CD. Thanks for sending it to me Duck. Andy, you did a superb job of putting it all together and your track order shows a lot of thought went into it and has real continuity. Thanks for your hard work.

It is my belief that art is art, music is music. Though there are awards from Grammies to Oscars to WC Handy's, IMO there can never be a "best" singer, band, song, etc. Art and music simply isn't that cut and dried.

I have been playing my copy of the BRB CD without looking at who did what track. It takes a little willpower to do that. What I hear are wonderful expressions of individual art captured in less than four minutes of sound by my friends here on BRB. The CD runs the gamut of blues and is a compilation demonstrating different techniques and originality. I knew who some of the songs were by from listening to previous recordings and knew the BRB members songs and/or sound.

What we have with this CD are songs that go from sounding like long lost field recordings to nicely produced songs. They all have a place and they all sound wonderful. A very sincere and heart felt thank you to those who contributed to this project.
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RE: BRB CD Vol. 2.0 Non-Review

Postby stumblin » Fri Nov 12, 2004 11:43 pm

"A very sincere and heart felt thank you to those who contributed to this project."

I second that, thanks everybody for contributing.
Like I keep saying, please keep sending your songs, yet another compilation is under construction.
Any newbies (or oldies) here who'd like to send a song can email me and I'll get straight back to them with my mailing address etc.
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