Big Mama Thornton

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Big Mama Thornton

Postby blueswriter » Sun Jan 16, 2005 7:49 pm

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-05 AT 03:24 PM (EST)]Big Mama Thornton
With The Muddy Waters Blues Band - 1966
Arhoolie (2004) 9043 ... 523323.jpg

17 tracks, 64 minutes. Essential. Power and vitality can't often be explained with words, but Big Mama Thornton With The Muddy Waters Blues Blues Band stands as another glowing gem that saw issue in 2004. Recorded in April of 1966, Willie Mae gets crunching support from the guitars of Muddy Waters and Sam Lawhorn, piano from Otis Spann, harmonica courtesy of James Cotton, and a rhythm section of Luther "Snake" Johnson and Francis Clay providing bass and drums. From the booming opener I'm Feeling Alright, it becomes obvious that this is serious business with Thornton at the height of her formidable powers, and the hurricane-force winds blown over the course of the storm from Muddy and his cohorts stands as yet another testament to their incredible abilities. Throughout the set, Lawhorn's guitar slams out shimmering chords and crushing flurries of strangled notes, Cotton's harp work stuns with focus and a masterful awareness of space, Spann's piano drives the points home, and the rhythm section thunders along laying a groove deep enough to bury a bus in. Add Muddy's biting slide guitar to the mix for a few cuts, clanging and crackling with reckless abandon, and Big Mama's tremendous voice rising above the tempest for a tremendous hour-plus of blues (with a healthy dose of Gospel) as good as anyone ever laid down. While the first half of this disc has seen issue previously on Arhoolie, there are seven tracks venturing into the light for the first time in nearly forty years; alternate versions of Black Rat, Give Me A Penny, and I'm Feeling Alright, plus Wrapped Tight, Big Mama's Shuffle, Since I Fell For You, and Big Mama's Blues.

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RE: Big Mama Thornton

Postby rhapsodie » Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:38 pm

This review won me over. Can't get it here but the Internet is a wonderful place! I'll post my thoughts when it turns up in a while.
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RE: Big Mama Thornton

Postby david » Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:41 pm

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