Bluesrocker from the US of A

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Bluesrocker from the US of A

Postby Bluesrocker » Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:12 pm

Hello Bluesfreaks,
This is a really interesting forum, I had to join! I'm from the East Coast of USA, been around the block with the blues. I play slide guitar, acoustic and plugged in. I use old Gibson's and Strat's plugged into old Fender and Marshall amps. I love all the old guys, but mostly the plugged in guys from the '50's like Elmore James, Muddy, Wolf, but I do like some of the newer guys like Eric, Peter Green, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Gary Moore....etc. I love to hear the sweet sounds of a National floating through the air as much as I love the sound of thundering, distorted slide on an SG or Les Paul roaring through a '68 Twin or Super loud enough to peel the paint off the walls, kill small animals and deafen all living things within a 10 mile radius. But, I digress. I love the blues, will always love and play the blues forever. I'm glad to be part of a group of equally rabid blues players and fans. Got my mojo workin' and I hope it works on you!
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Re: Bluesrocker from the US of A

Postby ricochet » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:59 am

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