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RE: New to Blues

Postby allanlummox » Tue Dec 04, 2001 6:10 pm

....Bit larte for me, unfortunately...
I'm an American , from Phily, who's been playing blues guitar & singing since 1980.
I lived in Hackney from 1992-1996, & played in an array of clubs, pubs, & situations, including a few months busking Covent Garden.
Good luck & have fun...
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RE: New to Blues

Postby mikedev » Thu Dec 20, 2001 2:48 pm

Wow another Brit!

I too am looking for people to jam with, the problem I have is that :

1 - I'm crap
2 - I live the wrong side of London to you - I'm out near the Surrey/Berks border.

Oh well, enjoy yourself here.
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