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RE: introduction and questions

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2001 11:33 pm
by blueswriter
Welcome aboard! This is a great place to hang and read up on lots of stuff. As for the Charley Patton material, the Catfish box is super, and as for the Revenant set, the only thing out so far is the 'sampler' issued in the Spring of this year. I reviewed it for another site, and if the sampler is any indication of what the entire package will be, that will be top-notch as well. I think it's slated for release in the Fall, and if memory serves me, October is the projected time frame. I don't know of any 'live' Memphis Minnie. Most of her recordings date from the thirties and forties, with some fifties tossed in from small labels. As for the Albert King question, again, I don't know of that existing. There's a lot of great 'live' Albert around though. The "Live Wire/Blues Power" is essential, and the "Wednesday Night/Thursday Night" Fillmore recordings are mind-altering!