Just me again

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Just me again

Postby notsonhouse » Wed Feb 27, 2002 7:59 pm

Hello again. Been away for awhile. Due to someone stealing my puter as well as all of my equipment, except for my National Tri-Cone, that was with me on vacation.
Used the insurance funds and bought all new toys. Bought another National Type-O, not vintage mind you. Also bought a Martin OM-28V, just cause that's what Rory Block plays. Also wasted BIG bucks on a Lowden, just cause I couldn't live another day without one. Also purchased new bass gear.
Phoneman asked what I was up to musically, so here goes. On the bass, I have formed a new fusion/jazz trio, we play out about twice a month. On the solo blues thing I play three nights a week now. Two nights at a local bar here in Bonne Terre, and thursday in St. Louis. In other words, be stayin busy. I tend to work harder at the solo stuff since I am still in the learning stages on the guitar. Will say that my slide work has improved considerably. The bass just comes natural to me since I started playing it when I was 12 or 13. Guitar is still new to me. My singing??? Well, I know the words, and am usually in key.
Some may remember that I was trying to play harmonica, well....I am back to the kazoo. Gave it up entirely.

Been to the Crossroads,
Seems I fell asleep waiting though
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