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RE: Checkin things out

Postby allanlummox » Fri Dec 14, 2001 5:45 am

Well, Grandfathers best bud was an old moustache pete named Smitty...
welcome to the forum.
I post & stuff, but I always feel like an outsider here...
I'm not very computer oriented.
I'm a singer & musician who's life works...oddly well.
My primary guitar is a 1937 Gibson that seldom leaves open G tuning, my main stage guitar is a Tele I play mostly thru a Vibroluxe, & I have a self produced CD on sale variously .

My band is named after me, & I have just a few things on the schedule...

& I'm here to earn about slide..welcome on in.
the rest of the lads are a lot more engaging than I am.
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