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Hello to all

PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:00 am
by MiloBlacker
Newbie here... as per required here's a bit about me: 40something, work in IT in the daytime, play acoustic blues guitar in the evening (don't we all?); live in the American Mid-West (a well known blues city I might add); I enjoy all sorts of blues from electric stuff to acoustic, of course. Some particular favorites would be Charley Patton, John Lee Hooker, Fred. Muddy, etc... I have a soundclick page for my music which I'll share with you all so you can have a reference point to make fun of me: ... tent=music

A few things on a personal note: i believe in feeling over technique. I believe in the blues as a living art form open to interpretation and modification within certain confines, but it is a living, breathing thing and not a museum piece. I don't slavishly play any particular technique - I play acoustic blues, that's pretty much all it qualifies as... blues is a feeling not a technique to be studied. Living blues is, anyway. /end rant.