Hi folks, Germany calling! ;)

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Hi folks, Germany calling! ;)

Postby Dee » Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:08 pm

Hi blues friends,

I'm Dee, 47, long time stratocaster addict and I mostly play blues and rock stuff (metal, too, every once in a while).

Besides a bunch of US Fenders, Ibanez, Burns and Baton Rouge I just added a Republic Delta Rocket resonator guitar to my family, as well as having a 2006 white Gibson Firebird inbound from USA (Johnny Winter anyone? :wink: ).

I use different names online but the main one is Dragondicer (SoundClick & YouTube) for my mainly music related stuff, as well as MrBurninFrets (new on YouTube).
I've already discovered a familiar face in this forum. Regards to Bottleneck John!!

I'm looking forward to see you all in the forum, sharing music and our love for blues and hopefully will find much needed advice and information about fingerstyle and resonator guitars.
I've mainly played electrics for about 29 years on and off but I'm relatively new to slide guitar and an absolute NEWBIE regarding resonators.

Kindest regards from Germany,
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