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Slide dog newbie from the sip...

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:51 am
by Jdog710cav
My name is jd and I've started to grasp slide guitar since my deployment in 2010 to Afghanistan. I've dabbled mostly in delta and hill country blues. I've also studied techniques of Duane allman. I'm basically in a limbo of a rut. I've gotten the feel and technique for it but their are missing pieces in the puzzle. I started out by learning NMAs "mean ol wind died down" and I usually warm up with " little martha"mostly for fingering techniques. I've played blues guitar since I picked a guitar up but slide is a whole new world. Any material to listen too, techniques, suggested exercises would be greatly appreciated. Explain your outlook on it to me, I'm willing to listen to anyone else's take on the matter. And a good day to ya' :D