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A newbie from Alaska

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:44 pm
by jfst
We have really low humidity up here in Alaska, so I keep all my precious (and they are all precious) wood guitars in humidified cases, and return them promptly after playing. I am soon going to get a reso, and am wondering if I can keep it out on display without worry of shrinkage, cracking, etc. For this reason, I am leaning toward a metal-bodied reso, and our selection up here is small to zip. I am aware that frets shrink less than the fretboard, and thus the fret ends can poke out and become very uncomfortable. For this reason, I never order a guitar on-line in the winter, and when I do order, I insist on buying a humidifier to b inserted in the guitar before shipment.

Is it OK to keep metal-bodied resonators out of the case for an extended time (a week or so)?