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A Bit about me

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:53 pm
by acegilco
I'm a long time harp player. I started back when you could buy a marine band harp for about 2.75 and when the Beatles hadn't invaded yet. Most of these past 4+ decades I've played the acoustic blues style, folk and folk rock. Recently, I've become more interested in using an amplifier and other electronic elements in my playing. I got a Blues Jr. and some boxes and have been trying out new sounds. It seems there is a whole other world out there in the electric harp world and I could use some advice. Also, while I've been making this transition, I've started a studio for the purposes of recording folks I grew up with and others who haven't been able for various reasons to get recorded well. My studio is called Magic Rattle Studio and is on-line so visit if you like. I hope to hear from other folks playing the Blues and playing the harmonica. I'm always listening! TG