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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:43 am
by A J Davies
Bit about me, well okay. I played classical and modern guitar from the age of seven up til about 18. Then I quit altogether for a whole bunch of time, maybe 7 or so years. During that time I pretty much deocnstructed any skill or theory knowledge I had built up!

Bought a knock-off asian made Dobro that puts out a pretty decent sound, and played again for a year or so mostly just folk and dipping my toes into some blues and a bit of Old Crow Medicine Show bluegrass.

Finally taken the plunge, tuned into open G and starting to learn slide. At the mo' I'm just using the neck from a beer bottle I smashed up and rounded out the edges with a file. I also have been using a small porcelain vase, but that has to be held with the whole hand so it limits what I can do.

All in all I'm an empty cup looking to be filled with some slide knowledge so here's hoping y'all can help me!