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A big HELLO from NW Spain !!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:00 pm
by Mario 1967
I live in a city of 300.000, but to find a Blues Record is almost impossible, so...internet shopping in foreign lands (namely USA an UK) is our salvation.

I discovered The Blues when I was 14 (now I am 44), listening to Rory Gallagher at a friend's house, and the first Zepp album.

But soon I became a Hard-Rocker, a teenage rebel.

But blues was never forgotten, from time to time I bougt some classic albums easy to find even here (J.L. Hooker, B.B. King, Albert king, Robert Johnson, Cream, John Mayall, some compilations,and very very few more).

In my twenties I fell definitely under the spell of the Blues (and Jazz also) and discovered some record shops in Madrid and Barcelona with a good catalogue, where you could buy through ordinary mail

Then came shopping through intennet...and it was paradise for us. And now, with the strong return of vinyl, much more.