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Hey Hey Hey!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:25 am
by bubbayork
i'm a new member to the site! i jus turned 21 in April, i love the blues.
growin up, my dad always showed me new music. and allll different styles...
evn tho i was young, sumem always stood out to me about bluesy tunes.
i love ur basic 12 bar blues, the improve element is unbeatable.
or even the old dirty acoustic, mostly finger style, blues. (Lightnin' Hopkins, Robert Johnson, ect)
but my ears also thirst for smooth, RnB sounds as well. i can get into about anything.

i play guitar... for a few yrs now. been singin for bouta year.
nothings more fun or relaxin' to me.

i been writin sum stuff lately. idk if you can post anything on here or not.
ill have to look into it :)

if so, you'll be heaing sum jams soon, thanks!