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Hi there!!

Postby DeepDrummer » Thu May 05, 2011 3:29 pm

Hi. I am a 54 year old Male from Canada, just north of the Canada US border in Ontario.
I played trumpet through school and some guitar and some drums when I was much younger.
I always liked eric clapton, muddy waters, B.B. King, Louis Armstrong, canned heat, Mainline and a bunch of other stuff that seems rooted in the blues.
5 years ago or so the blues hit me bad and somewhere I heard or read that playing the blues makes one feel good about feeling bad or some such thing. Since there was always blues and jazz around home when I was young and classic rock was bringing back too many memories I decided to start listening to blues more. I think around 15 someone showed me the G, C, D, 12 bar blues progression on guitar and I remember playing it until broken blisters stopped me. I kind of worked out some kind of lead box thing based on that and recently was surprised to find out that I was real close to what some of the theory books point to that might go with that.
Anyway, at the same time as my listening turned to the Blues, I decided it was time for another drum kit (I had a kit when I was about 15 for a few months that I bought used for 50 bucks). At the same time since I was alone and bored and had a bit of musical background (very little bit) and drumming along to some tunes wasn't something I could all day long, I thought I'd try my hand at writing some music.
Most of what I have written is based on the I IV V basic blues progression but some gets away from that too. I am having a real hard time writing lead for the blues though and what I write seems to turn out like an orchestra which while it sounds good and is fun to learn and do, I'd really like to get more of a blues feel to the lead in some of what I write. So, since a drum forum helped me a lot in learning to drum and write drum parts out, I though I'd do a search for a blues forum so I can learn all that I can about the blues. Well, I took a peek in here and checked out some of the recommended listening posted. Some I had heard of and some I had not. I was amazed at how long some of the songs I have loved over the years has been around and who played them over the years.
Ok I'll stop rambliing. At the same time as the drum kit, I picked up a well used vantage, 62' (I think) Strat replica for 75 bucks and a small amp for 50 to go with my acoustic Ibanez and my cheapo bass and occassionally I play a bit (very little). Bottom line is I want to write music a lot and the blues is where I want to look to for that. I've already learned tons from you folks after reading only a few threads and I look forward to being a member here. If I'm quiet, it's because I have little to give at this time, but I'll give some back I promise. I'm learning, not lurking and I appreciate everything to do with the blues. Thanks guys.

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