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Hello to the Board

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:12 am
by Jusatele
Just joining,
I have been playing for years, started as a preteen and am 51 now, played rock and jazz for years, but more and more a I am called back by my ears to play the blues.
The records of my youth, the Cds I have collected over the years
They call to me, I think it is the sounds I hear all around me that are put to music
I remember when everyone was learning rock and roll I was down at the library listening to old 78 rpm recordings of early blues artist
now, I think the ghost of my past haunt me.
I find more and more when I pick up a guitar I want to put on some blues, emulate the sounds recorded by those who were pushing the envelope just recording, and setting the sounds of their life down in wax.
I am not looking to slow down, I am looking to expand.