hello all

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hello all

Postby wellfleetian » Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:04 pm

Been registered on here a while and just took a peek at the entries/comments.

I've been a blues player all my life, electric and acoustic. I cut my teeth playing in St. Louis, then 19 years ago moved to Massachusetts. Currently working with two bands, Steve Morgan and the Kingfish (blues, R&B) and The Willy Band, which is mostly original rock. I play almost exclusively slide in the Willy band.

The Kingfish is 4 to 6 pieces, depending on whether or not the horns are there. Guitar, bass, drums, congas, trumpet, trombone. Lots of obscuro blues & R&B tunes as well as originals. You can check out my music on http://www.stevemorganmusic.com You can hear selections from the Kingfish CD Boppin' the Blues, which is blues covers, as well as my newest CD, Hurricane, which features all original material.

I've noted through the years that blues has adopted a great deal of rock overtones to the music, but not that much jazzy influence. I try to include both. Some nice sounds out of those jazz chords that work real well with blues.

My gear consists of a Martin 000-28EC, a 1934 National, a few other acoustics here and there. Electric is a hard-tail Strat from the late mid-70's, an Electra Flying V which I've stripped all electronics and reassembled to my taste (It's my slide guitar, higher action, heavy treble strings, and tuned to E) which I've had since 1980, plus an old Gibson L50 that I got in 1968 that is customized and a Washburn fat bodied jazz box in which I installed quality electronics.

Amps are Ampeg Reverbrockets (2 of them) from the early 60's, about the best amp ever made as far as I'm concerned, plus an early 70's Fender Deluxe Reverb. Don't use gizmos, although after all these years I'm tempted to get a tube screamer to see what it's about.

Also I do a blues show that you can listen to on the web. http://www.womr.org Thursday mornings from 9:30-12:30 eastern. I'm on every other week with the Blues Cruise, sharing the slot with T-Bird's Music Ride, also a blues show.

Hope to make some new friends, hear some new tunes, maybe hear some new ideas.

Steve Morgan
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