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New on the Keys

PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:58 pm
by cobra1365
Hi all! Just found this board yesterday! Great site!
I am new to playing Piano (started this past May)
A friend is self taught on the harp and he gave me the idea to start playing an instrument.
I'm 51 and have never played before.
It's coming along slowly but, understanding how it all comes together is very interesting for me.
I have a Yammie YPG 635 after my month and a half of introducing myself to a key bard on an entry level YPG-233 66 key board.

My biggest issue right now is getting my left and righ hand to learn to play well in the same sand box! But then show me a piano player that didn't have this issue begining and I'll show you a Mozart!

Anyway, thanks in advance for all I will learn from this site!


Re: New on the Keys

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:22 pm
by jeffl
Hey Cobra, I hadn't seen this post before. If I was startin' keyboards from scratch (I'm a lifetime giggin' faker/hacker, since 1965) I'd pick up a copy of "Blues Piano" by Mark Harrison (publisher, Hal Leonard). It was recommended to me some years back by a member here, and it's been very helpful. It includes all the stuff on different modes & scales and chords, left hand/right hand stuff for various styles, and comes with a CD.

I'm primarily a harper, so I've always needed alotta help when it comes to playin' rock & blues boards.

It's part of a series from Hal Leonard that includes jazz & organ books. It's probably available online from used book sellers for a very small price, since it's not expensive new. Don't get one without the CD though. I think you'll enjoy it and it will save you alotta time getting your bearings.