Just climbed on this blues train

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Just climbed on this blues train

Postby Old911 » Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:53 pm

Long time acoustic fingerpicker in open tunings playing my own stuff for the most part. Got tired of hearing soaring guitar lines in my head while stuck playing the rhythm parts. High action and open tunings worked against lead/solo progress...then heard "Native Stepson" by Sonny Landreth and learned more about his technique - open tunings, Chet Atkins fingerstyle background, unusual combination of fretting and slide, and amazing, complex tone colors. Found my style and background put me in a place where I've been able to apply his technique enough to find inspiration and excitement after 40 years of on/off guitar playing and now play everyday. Inspiration is a great thing, ain't it? So now I have a Japanese Squire strat with Hipshot Trilogy bridge, two identical '97 American strats, one in open G, one in open E; a 12 fret wood bodied Dobro and a 14 fret Johnson. As a long-time Martin player, the whole electric thing has been a $teep learning curve, but it's fun and I can play with the most delicate touch and get all the tone and volume I want. Since I knew nothing about effects and electrics I based most of my sound on Landreth's, assembling a small-scale version of some of his effects - Zendrive, MXR dynacomp and Tremulator thru, for now, a Peavey Studio Pro 60. I'm trying to learn his stuff, and of course in the process learn more about slide playing - learning there is more than one way to play a series of notes - which strings, which position, does he slide between these two notes and fret the third, or vice-versa. Vibrato, intonation, voicing, harmonics,overtones, damping, tight control, wild abandon - a hugh mountain to climb but I've got time and the process is exhilarating. I've also been relistening to Duane Allman, Derick Trucks, Elmore James, Rbt Johnson, Tampa Red, Son House and the legions of other fabulous slide players out there, and, following Duane's advice, listening to and learning from harp players like Sonny Boys I and II and Little Walter. So I'm here to learn from everyone else and contribute (i hope) what I can to the mix. Thanks for havin' me.
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Re: Just climbed on this blues train

Postby jeffl » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:27 pm

Welcome aboard 911! Newbie brings the beer. :)
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