old school new guy,hi everyone.

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old school new guy,hi everyone.

Postby mr T » Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:49 pm

Hi to all at big road blues,,mmm a bit about me,,,,right my names paul t,im an ENGLISH,guy living in spain,play jazz trumpet ,and blues harp,,,love my harpmore,,had a few bands along the way and been lucky enough to guest with a few aswell ,,mainly around the london circuit,about 20 yarhoos ago,,played with my first band ,,blues devills ,,for a while then on to nitro blues ,an up tempo rockin band ,we kicked arse with that lot ,,,awesome ,,the blues overtook me when i was a little child,,,and then formed a band called Madhouse blooze and boogie band,8 of us started off with 4 ,,but all our freinds came to the gigs to have a sit in and it ended up with 8 ,,no wonder were not rich ,lol,,still its all good ,and you cant buy it,,i put it all away for a while ,,kids marriage mortgage and all that normal hair removing stuff which helps make us old ,,lol she will kill me if she reads this,haha,aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway ,recently been getting back in to the music id been missing for years,,,i play through an old valve fender champ,,,and a blues deville,,which is on ebay now as im trying to get a harpgear amp,,,,,,,,some chromatic,but mainly diatonic,,fav harps are one in tune ,,,either use a pro harp,or marine band ,,but waiting on some of brad harrisons to turn up ,,cant wait,,a lots changed since i last sucked on my organ ,,lol,,if you havent heard him check out jason ricci,,,where the hell did he come from only found him by chance on u tube ,,fantastic,,stuff and what a guy giving us all a helping hand for free,,,that makes him ok in my book,,any way this sites a good place to hang out so i look forward to saying hello along the way ,,,,all the best ,MR.T :D
mr T
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Re: old school new guy,hi everyone.

Postby ricochet » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:35 pm

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