Nobody loves me but my momma, and she could be jivin' too...

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Nobody loves me but my momma, and she could be jivin' too...

Postby WayneS » Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:39 am I joined up on this forum to see if I could find any like minded souls. I play acoustic and some electric blues, and have recently bought a nice old electric lap steel to confound me in my old age.

I've been playing acoustic blues for a long time, dropped out a few decades ago and then picked it up again a few years back. I kinda miss the coffeehouse days -- late sixties/early seventies --when an acoustic blues player and singer could easily find like-minded friends to commit musical felonies with. Last time I played in public, 35 years ago, I used the money I earned to buy beer for everyone in the audience. (Cheap beer.)

Favorite old-time blues guys: Charlie Patton and Bukka White, among very many.
Favorite contemporary acoustic blues guy: John Hammond when doing solo acoustic in concert. But really, it's a delight listening to almost anyone.
Favorite contemporary electric blues guy: Actually, I probably most enjoy listening to very good local bands which have been doing the music for thirty years or more.
Favorite female bluesologists: maybe Irma Thomas and Jeannie Cheatham.
Favorite blues project: Going through old recordings, finding very little-known blues that are beautiful and evocative, and taking a lot of time to work out an arrangement and improvisational style that hopefully will do them justice. Current "project songs" are "Diamond Joe," recorded by Alan Lomax, and "Death Valley Blues," numerous variations done by Arthur Crudup.
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Re: Nobody loves me but my momma, and she could be jivin' too...

Postby ricochet » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:31 pm


Several of us dabble a bit with the lap steel.
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