Hi there! From Brazil ;)

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Hi there! From Brazil ;)

Postby Surfer Boy » Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:37 pm


All i can say its that this forum really helped me. Read a lot of topics nowadays.
I'm a guy from Brazil so (as you can guess) there isnt much info about blues here. Thanks to the web i can learn something aside from the basic (srv, jimi hendrix etc.), but brazilian foruns have a lack of data (speaking about blues).
Start enjoying blues music by first hearing eric johnson, and then looking for the ones that inpired him. Started out with the famous (eric clapton, srv, john mayer nowadays, b.b. king, allman brothers...i could spend all day long writing their names), and trying to get a tiny little piece of their felling.

Talkin about my gear, it's basically composed by a samick superstrat plugged in a handmade alltube amplifier (made by my specs: basically a plexi in the low channel and a sort of jcm based hi channel, both with a lots of gain and tonestack mods. But for blues playing the low channel sounds like heaven), passing through some efx box that i built (some of them: bluesbraker, ts, fatboost, etc.). I decided to restore an old strat that i have here (the brand name is Dolphin, created in the '80s. Mine is a '92 one, clone of a fender strat with low quality, but nice woods). Don't know if i'm going to make a monterey strat or anything else.

Well, i hope learn much more than i've already! Thanks everyone!
Surfer Boy
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Re: Hi there! From Brazil ;)

Postby jeffl » Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:57 pm

Welcome to the forum! We can always use help with technical questions around here; maybe your building experience will help some of us out.
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Re: Hi there! From Brazil ;)

Postby ricochet » Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:29 am

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