Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

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Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby stumblin » Mon Aug 08, 2005 5:45 am

There's no point in beating about the bush here.
Mousey phoned yesterday to say he didn't want to continue as half of The Bluesome Twosome. I have to say that I was (still am) a bit upset about this, but I guess life goes on.
We had two great years playing together, and I think we achieved quite a lot under often less than auspicious circumstances. Thanks Charlie, it's really meant a lot to me to play with you.
Now I may just have to bite the bullet and go solo.
Watch this space...
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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby jellyroll baker » Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:39 am

Sad news - you guys sounded great together. Still, you've got your foot in the door to all manner of venues and now are pefectly poise to strike out on your own.

Best of luck.
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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby bluesmcgoo » Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:50 am

Sorry to hear this.

I've enjoyed the collaboration, but I'm sure you will both do well.

Things like this have always led to even more gratifying situations in my musical journey.

Like I said in my post about your CD...thanks for the music, guys!
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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby bluesmouse » Mon Aug 08, 2005 11:31 am

You're right Andy, it was a great two years of music etc. And best to end it on a high I think, as should befit the Bluesome Twosome. It meant a lot to me to play with you too mate.

And as Jellyroll says- you've got a foot in the door to all kinds of venues now, perhaps it's the right time for a solo act. Best of luck to you, I'm sure it will be a great success.
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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby bosco » Mon Aug 08, 2005 1:03 pm

Happy to hear it's ending on a high note...and thanks for sharing mates, we have it all on CD for posterity.

You never know where the road will lead. I was bummed last year when my band of 4 years dissolved, it quite simply just ran it's course. But now I've rejoined two of the original members who had left long before me and the new band is even more fun than the first!

You two might hook up again someday and the experiences you'll gain on your own in the meantime will be invaluable.

Best of luck to both of you!

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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby jeffl » Mon Aug 08, 2005 1:09 pm

Sorry to hear about the breakup,Andy; you guys definitely put together a great sound- and it was your own sound. Change is always difficult,but in my experience, it nearly always is a catalyst for growth. At least you've got the ability to go it alone until you stumble into another playin' partner,should you choose to go that route again. Good luck on your new ventures.
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RE: Sic transit gloria mundi etc...

Postby cas » Tue Aug 09, 2005 9:27 pm

Oh, so sad. It seems that it ended cordially though..all's the better.
Thanks for the memories!


p.s. And, it's not like we won't be seeing you here!

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