Bluejay visits Bubba visits Bluejay

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Bluejay visits Bubba visits Bluejay

Postby jeffl » Mon Sep 19, 2005 12:27 am

I made a resort trip to Bluejay's neck of the woods ("Up North" Wisconsin) this week; Bluejay was nice enough to make the drive up to the resort from about 30 miles away, and we spent some time jammin' guitar and harp,took a boat ride,and went out to eat. Once again, acquaintance made on BRB turn into a little "spreadin' of the love",and a good time. My wife and I were able to get alotta his experiences as an entertainment writer outa him,and it was fascinating. We didn't get alotta jammin' in,but enough to make it an official blues visit. Thanks for the visit,Bluejay!
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