Tell Me Baby

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Tell Me Baby

Postby bob » Wed Apr 06, 2005 1:43 am

I tried to transcribe these lyrics from a Ray Charles track, does anyone know if these are correct? Doubts and comments at end of lines. I couldn't find the lyrics on-line...and I'm usually pretty good at finding things...

Tell Me Baby

Tell me baby
Tell me the truth
Tell me honey
What are you gonna do?
Tell me baby
Please tell me
What have I done?

I took you in
Right off the block -- "right" ?
You were beat and ragged
Head a mop -- "head" or "hair" ?
Tell me baby
Please, please tell me
What have I done?

If you don’t want me
Why don’t you tell me so?
How could someone else -- not sure
Have let you go? -- "have" or "had" ?
Won’t you tell me
Please, baby please tell me
What have I done?

Thanks in advance!
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